Heavy Duty Headache Rack

The Heavy Duty Headache Rack is fabricated with a 2”x4” frame, capable of handling any job.

The Benefits

  • Largest Frame on the Market
  • Maximum Cargo Support
  • Fabricated with a 2″x4″ frame
  • Available in many different configurations
  • Protects the cab and back glass of the truck
  • Many configurations and options available
  • One piece welded construction no bolt on rails




Remember our Custom Color Powder Coating!

“…Same industrial strength powder coat finish as standard high gloss black finish with the added benefit of matching your vehicles color or giving you something truly unique…”

Custom Colors Include: Black Wrinkle, White Gloss, Silver Vein, Select King Ranch Ford Trim Colors, Dodge White Gold, & Matte Black.


High Pressure Spray on Bed Liner Finish

Our strongest and most durable coating.By upgrading with this option, a high pressure Bed-Liner Finish is sprayed on top of the standard industrial strength powder coat.