Oh deer!

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It’s 2 am. The first cold front of the year dropped the temperature 40 degrees and the night is as clear as it is cold. That’s when you see him in the ditch. A MONSTER buck that you only dreamed of seeing through your scope. You mutter, “Don’t do it,” just as he leaps right in your path. Everything you’ve ever been told your whole life about this scenario races through your head. “Whatever you do… don’t swerve.” Easier said than done. You grit your teeth and hold the wheel white knuckle tight.

Sound familiar? It’s happened to me on more than one occasion and I’m willing to bet it’s happened to you or someone you know. In that split second you have to make a decision that could be life or death. Knowing that my truck and I are protected by a Tough Country Apache Front Bumper made it an easy one. Not a scratch on my truck and a story to tell anyone on the fence about buying a Tough Country bumper for their truck. The money I saved in repair costs to my truck more than made the price of the bumper worth it.

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